Student housing

Kouvolan Asunnot Oy has four houses for students, with a total of 232 rooms in shared apartments. The apartments are primarily unfurnished shared apartments for 2 or 3 persons. Some of the apartments are furnished, and these are primarily reserved for foreign students. In a shared apartment, each resident has an own room. The kitchen or kitchenette, toilet, bathroom and hallway are shared with the other residents in the apartment. There are also nine family apartments, which can be applied for if one of the spouses is studying. 

The rent includes water, heating, electricity, internet connection and use of the laundry room and sauna.

Student housing can be applied for by all students studying in Kouvola following comprehensive school.

We will choose new tenants to our student apartments by the end of July. To those who have been chosen we will send an offer for a student apartment by email or by mail.

Find more detailed information about the student houses in our apartment catalog (opens in a new window). Choose ”Apartment type” => ”Shared apartment” and ”Show” => ”Available” or ”All” according to your choice.

Further information is provided by tel. 020 615 8911 or at opiskelija-asunnot(at)

Take a look at the Guide for living in student housing (PDF).


There is no actual application period for student housing, but applications can be submitted on a continuous basis.

Living in houses for students

In this section you can find information about living in houses for students.

Termination of tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is terminated by means of a notice of termination in writing.

Summer renting

For the summer period, student housing is also rented to others than students, such as summer workers.