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Living in houses for students

In this section you can find information about living in houses for students.


Guide for living in student housing (PDF 1,96 Mt)

The rent includes an Internet-connection. The basic speed included in the contract is 10 Mbit/s (25 Mbit/s after June 1st 2020), you can order higher speeds at an inexpensive price. You can start using the connection by registering as a user at the Internet service provider Elisa. The connection works through the telephone socket, and you need a VDSL2 modem. In Prikaatintie 4 student house connect your computer´s Internet cable to the data socket in your apartment. For wireless connection you need a modem.

Elisa: Customer Service

The silent period is from 22.00 to 7.00, during which time the residents must be given night rest. Making noise is not allowed in any time of the day. The tenants are also responsible for ensuring that their guests comply with the rules and respect the peace of others.

Disturbance cases are reported by filling out a attachmentdisturbance report form (PDF 606 kt). The disturbance reports are treated confidentially.

The student houses are provided with a security service to ensure peaceful housing. If disturbance occurs in the house, tenants can call the duty number 010 666 5219 of the security company. The caller must state his/her name, address and telephone number when making a report. The caller´s identity will not be revealed during any potential further measures. If a security guard comes to the scene, the landlord is notified of this.

If the police needs to be called because of the disturbance, the disturbance must also be notified to the housing adviser. The police do not inform the landlord of potential disturbances.

Further information is provided by housing advisers tel. 020 615 8007 or 020 615 8904 or at asumisneuvonta@kouvolanasunnot.fi.

Security and comfort of living

In the area of property and the surrounding buildings the rules and preordained laws must be followed. The inhabitants must make sure that also their guests follow the rules.

The general quiet time is between 22.00-7.00 (10 PM-7 AM). Drugs and alcohol must not be used in the yard or in other public places in the property.


Apartments must be taken care of. If you notice any defects or malfunction, such as leaks, constructional problems etc., you must inform your landlord as soon as possible. It is not allowed to disturb other tenants. If you have been disturbed, inform the superintendent´s office. If you want to work or run a business in your rented apartment, you must get the landlord´s permission. If you are planning to stay away from your apartment over 7 days, you must inform the maintenance Company.


Balconies must be kept clean and snow-free, and you can´t throw trash down from the balconies. Cooking is not allowed on the balconies. Neither can you use your balcony as storage. Clothes and bedclothes can be aired out on the inner side of the balcony.


You can´t keep flammable liquids or any devices that work with a combustion engine in your storage. Neither can you fix engines inside the building or in the courtyard. You can´t keep your goods/belongings in the cellar outside your storage or in the staircase or hallways. You must keep your storage locked.

Laundry room and sauna

Laundry room and sauna can be used only by the inhabitants of the building during their own reserved time. Washing machines must be used according to instructions.


Bicycles and other vehicles must be stored in the appropriate storages and racks.

Cars must be kept in the building´s parking lot. Do not keep there any cars you are not using. Parking at the front door is allowed only when necessary and for a short time, for example for moving vans and invalid taxis. Fixing and washing cars is not allowed in the parking lot or in the area of the property.

Do not damage the plantings or lawn.

You can barbeque food in the grill area only. The grill area must be cleaned after use, and good manners must be followed, as well as any other instructions regarding the grill. The general quiet time must also be obeyed in the grilling area.

Rugs can be cleaned in the designated areas only.


Smoking in public indoor areas is prohibited. Smoking is allowed only on the balcony in case it does not disturb the neighbors. Do not throw cigarette butts off of the balcony.

Refuse disposal/Waste management

Garbage must be taken to garbage bins and separated as suggested. Other garbage, such as TV sets, sofas etc., must be disposed of by the tenants themselves.


Outside home pets must be kept on a leash and must not be allowed to disturb other tenants. Do not walk your pets in the children´s playground or close to the playground or in the courtyard area. Pets can´t do their business in the yard.

Consequences and damage responsibilities

If you fail to uphold the rules, the company will take action. The consequences may be dissolving of the rental agreement.

Damages to the property will lead to the company demanding full payment for the damages incurred. The people who cause the damages, or in the case of minors their parents, are responsible for paying for damages.

Sorting and recycling waste save the environment and lower the cost of waste disposal for your house. There are separate collection containers for organic waste, cardboard, paper, metal waste, glass and landfill waste. The waste must be sorted into proper containers as per the sorting instructions. Waste bags must not be left beside the waste containers. The lids of the waste containers must be closed at all times.

More information on waste issues can be found at Kymenlaakson Jäte Oy website .

A shared apartment is a community where the rules are established jointly. The responsibility for the shared apartment is based on the principle of joint responsibility. This means that each occupant of the apartment is responsible for its care. It´s a good idea to agree with the others on the weekly cleaning.

The shared spaces and the balcony need to be kept clean. The stove, oven and work surfaces must be cleaned after cooking. Everyone must wash their own dishes. Naturally, everyone only eats their own food kept in the refrigerator. More information about cleaning of the apartment in the attachmentGuide for living in student housing (PDF 1,96 Mt).

Also remember that the room is only intended for a single person, the tenant. A girlfriend or boyfriend cannot live there.

Pets cannot be kept in shared apartments.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the apartment. Those who smoke on the balcony must use a container for cigarette ends.

If nobody stays in the apartment for example during a summer, the last person to move out must remove the refrigerator power cord from the socket and leave the refrigerator door open.

The due date for the payment of rent is the 5th day of each month. The rent and the potential fee for the parking space must be paid by the due date. If the fee for the parking space is missing from the rent bill, you must add it yourself.

The tenant obtains the rent bill when the tenant moves in. A new rent bill is sent to the tenant in conjunction with the annual adjustment of rent. The account number and reference number stated on the rent bill must always be used in payment. The reference number remains the same every month.

The amount of the rent is adjusted annually. Any rent increase is notified to the tenant in writing at least two months before the new rent becomes effective.

In any matters related to the billing and payment of rents, you can contact the landlord by telephone, e-mail or by visiting our office:

Kauppamiehenkatu 4, 45100 Kouvola
tel. 020 615 8914

It is important that you pay the rent on time. If you have temporary difficulties in paying the rent, contact the landlord immediately. A collection fee allowed by law is charged for a demand for payment. An interest on delayed payments is charged for delayed payment of rent. The interest is billed twice a year.

The tenancy agreement can be terminated because of unpaid rents. In this case, the tenant must move away from the apartment. If necessary, the unpaid rents are charged from the tenant through legal proceedings.

Report immediately all faults, defects and damage in the building and apartment to the landlord to the defect report number 020 615 8952 (24 hours a day).

Non-urgent cases can also be reported electronically via our Resident pages That requires logging in with Finnish online banking IDs or a mobile certificate.

NOTE! Urgent cases must always be reported by telephone!

If you do not live in your student housing during the summer but you want to keep your apartment, you can pay half the rent from May to August. This requires that you return your key to the office for the months that you are away. You can leave your belongings in the locked apartment. We only accept full calendar months; in other words, if you return your key for example on the 5th day of a month, you have to pay the full rent for that month.