Disturbances and security service

Instructions for disturbance situations

It is advisable to intervene in disturbances in housing as soon as possible.

If a neighbour causes disturbance, you can first try to talk with that neighbour. Disturbance cases are reported by filling out a disturbance report form. The disturbance reports are treated confidentially, and the details of the person who submitted the report are not disclosed to the person who causes the disturbance. The report should state in detail what kind of disturbance there has been, and whether or not the disturbance has been repeating. A disturbance report should contain the contact details of two persons living in different apartments. Anonymous reports will be ignored. The disturbance reports must be delivered to the housing advisers of Kouvolan Asunnot Oy.

Disturbance report form (pdf)

A tenant who causes disturbance is cautioned or given warning. If the disturbance continues, this must be brought to the attention of Kouvolan Asunnot Oy. Depending on the seriousness of the disturbance, the tenant is given a warning, or the tenant´s tenancy agreement can be terminated. If the tenant disputes the disturbance and the termination of the tenancy agreement, the matter is subjected to the district court. At least two persons are usually required to give evidence of the disturbance.

Security service

The student houses are provided with a security service to ensure peaceful housing. If disturbance occurs in the house, tenants can call the duty number 010 666 5219 of the security company. The caller must state his/her name, address and telephone number when making a report. The caller´s identity will not be revealed during any potential further measures. If a security guard comes to the scene, the landlord is notified of this.

If the police needs to be called because of the disturbance, the disturbance must also be notified to the housing adviser. The police do not inform the landlord of potential disturbances.

Disturbance reports must be delivered to address:
Kouvolan Asunnot Oy
Kauppalankatu 6 A
45100 Kouvola

Further information is provided by housing adviser Kaisu Tulokas, tel. 020 615 8007, Lähetä sähköpostia.