Payment of rent

The due date for the payment of rent is the 5th day of each month. The rent and the potential fee for the parking space must be paid by the due date. If the fee for the parking space is missing from the rent bill, you must add it yourself.

The tenant obtains the rent bill when the tenant moves in. A new rent bill is sent to the tenant in conjunction with the annual adjustment of rent. The account number and reference number stated on the rent bill must always be used in payment. The reference number remains the same every month.

The amount of the rent is adjusted annually. Any rent increase is notified to the tenant in writing at least two months before the new rent becomes effective.

Rent supervision

In any matters related to the billing and payment of rents, you can contact the landlord by telephone, e-mail or by visiting our office, address:

Keskikatu 5, 45100 Kouvola
tel. 020 615 8911
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Difficulties in payment of rent

It is important that you pay the rent on time. If you have temporary difficulties in paying the rent, contact the landlord immediately. A collection fee allowed by law is charged for a demand for payment. An interest on delayed payments is charged for delayed payment of rent. The interest is billed twice a year.

The tenancy agreement can be terminated because of unpaid rents. In this case, the tenant must move away from the apartment. If necessary, the unpaid rents are charged from the tenant through legal proceedings.