House rules

Security and comfort of living

In the area of property and the surrounding buildings the rules and preordained laws must be followed. The inhabitants must make sure that also their guests follow the rules.

The general quiet time is between 22.00-7.00 (10 PM-7 AM). Drugs and alcohol must not be used in the yard or in other public places in the property.


Apartments must be taken care of. If you notice any defects or malfunction, such as leaks, constructional problems etc., you must inform your landlord as soon as possible. It is not allowed to disturb other tenants. If you have been disturbed, inform the superintendent´s office. If you want to work or run a business in your rented apartment, you must get the landlord´s permission. If you are planning to stay away from your apartment over 7 days, you must inform the maintenance company.


Balconies must be kept clean and snow-free, and you can´t throw trash down from the balconies. Cooking is not allowed on the balconies. Neither can you use your balcony as storage. Clothes and bedclothes can be aired out on the inner side of the balcony.


You can´t keep flammable liquids or any devices that work with a combustion engine in your storage. Neither can you fix engines inside the building or in the courtyard. You can´t keep your goods/belongings in the cellar outside your storage or in the staircase or hallways. You must keep your storage locked.

Laundry room and sauna

Laundry room and sauna can be used only by the inhabitants of the building during their own reserved time. Washing machines must be used according to instructions.


Bicycles and other vehicles must be stored in the appropriate storages and racks.

Cars must be kept in the building´s parking lot. Do not keep there any cars you are not using. Parking at the front door is allowed only when necessary and for a short time, for example for moving vans and invalid taxis. Fixing and washing cars is not allowed in the parking lot or in the area of the property.

Do not damage the plantings or lawn.

You can barbeque food in the grill area only. The grill area must be cleaned after use, and good manners must be followed, as well as any other instructions regarding the grill. The general quiet time must also be obeyed in the grilling area.

Rugs can be cleaned in the designated areas only.


Smoking in public indoor areas is prohibited. Smoking is allowed only on the balcony in case it does not disturb the neighbors. Do not throw cigarette butts off of the balcony.

Refuse disposal/Waste management

Garbage must be taken to garbage bins and separated as suggested. Other garbage, such as TV sets, sofas etc., must be disposed of by the tenants themselves.


Outside home pets must be kept on a leash and must not be allowed to disturb other tenants. Do not walk your pets in the children´s playground or close to the playground or in the courtyard area. Pets can´t do their business in the yard.

Consequences and damage responsibilities

If you fail to uphold the rules, the company will take action. The consequences may be dissolving of the rental agreement.

Damages to the property will lead to the company demanding full payment for the damages incurred. The people who cause the damages, or in the case of minors their parents, are responsible for paying for damages.