Termination of tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is terminated by means of a notice of termination in writing. The tenancy agreement cannot be terminated by telephone. The period of notice is one calendar month. This is calculated from the last day of the month of termination. As an example, if a notice for the termination of the tenancy agreement is given in June, the agreement will finish at the end of July.

Notice of termination (PDF)

Upon moving away, you must clean the apartment so that the new tenant can take the apartment into use without cleaning it. Remember to clean the balcony as well. Empty your room and the storage of your own goods. The costs of inadequate cleaning are charged to the tenant. After moving out, the room and shared facilities are inspected to verify the condition and cleanliness of the apartment. Normal wear and tear due to ordinary living and the age of the apartment are taken into account in the inspection.

Form for moving out (PDF)

The security deposit will be returned within approximately one month from the finishing of the tenancy agreement. The security will be used after moving out if the tenant has not complied with the relevant obligations, such as neglected to clean the apartment, return all the keys or pay the rents.